ArchMerge Kirk Release 6.3

Release date 1st January 2018

What is new


One of the more important changes is that we are a 100% rolling release now. Some of you remember the conkyzen.desktop file that had to be deleted to get that 100%.

Type in the terminal “archmerge-” and press TAB to see all packages we created to become rolling.

They will be reusable when we are on the ArchMergeD iso.

Testing REPO

When working on a new panel for i3 i.e. polybar (still in beta phase) we (developers) needed a way to easily test out new setups and applications. We created a new testing repo that you can also use. Remember it is called TESTING for a reason. No articles, help and/or tutorials available on those applications. You can find the information in your


in version 6.3.

Previous versions need to add these lines to their pacman.conf

SigLevel = Required DatabaseOptional
Server =$arch

Installed and REMOVED

We will install the following software on ArchMerge 6.3.

  • Atom
  • Snapd
  • Awesome terminal fonts
  • vivaldi-codecs-ffmpeg-extra-bin
  • gtop
  • timeshift

We will remove  the following software on ArchMerge 6.3.

  • xfce-slimlock
  • pacaur
  • vivaldi-ffmpeg-codecs

Archmerge -SLIMLOCK
15 themes

Archmerge -oblogout
11 themes

General improvements

  • Variety configuration has been redited solving an issue reported on forum. Variety will keep the current wallpaper when changing desktop environment.