ArchMerge Kirk Release 6.1

Release date 1st November 2017

What is new

One of the more important changes is that we will be able to see other computers in our network and be able to share data with them.

Network detection and Samba are in.

We have listened to numerous social media channels, youtubers, forum members, …

This is what we have heard and what you want.

We will install the following software on ArchMerge 6.1.

Libreoffice (office suit – English)
Hyphen (improvement for libreoffice)
Oomox (theme builder for openbox)
ttf-ms-fonts improvement for steam
78 plank themes
zsh with extra functionality
faba icons
paper icons

General improvements

Keyboard shortcuts that were counter-productive in our 3 desktop environments.
Even more menu‘s in Xfce that were for Openbox are gone to avoid confusion.
Mirror is an alias to get the fastest Arch servers in your country.
Calamares (installer) will ask more information in User screen – password root and autologin
ArchMergeD logos included

If you think this will result in a loaded iso, then we have the perfect solution i.e. ArchMergeD. It will be launched on the same date with ArchMerge. It will be a bare ArchMerge and it is up to you to install anything. This will set us going into Phase 2 and Phase 3. 

Install THE desktop environment of your choice
on ArchMergeD.
Read more about archmerged HERE.