ArchMerge evolves into ArcoLinux


ArchMerge has been rebranded into ArcoLinux for several reasons. The most important being that the name no longer covers what we are doing. ArchMerge is a merger of Xfce, Openbox and i3. That was the initial idea behind the word “Merge”.  Since then we added ArchMergeD and added 13 desktops to it. If you see what we are planning for the future we need to change. The sooner the better.

Hence the rebranding.

“Arch” translated in many languages often resulted in the word “Arco” and Arka”.  The ArchMerge team liked the sound of ArcoLinux. It is a reference that we are an Arch based system but it is different enough to tell people it is not THE Arch Linux iso from Arch Linux.

In essence ArcoLinux is ‘remix‘ of  Arch Linux parts, AUR parts and parts, that we create ourselves in the Arcolinux packages and that are hosted on our repo. And that is how ArcoLinux is to be perceived by the end users. ArcoLinux is NOT Arch Linux. We will learn to install Arch Linux in phase 4.

For the end-users this means we will have a new logo and new isos (a continuation of ArchMerge iso). The numbering just carries on to show you that. 

Social Media – websites

You and we will have the following new websites to monitor and give you support there :

ArcoLinux information  :

ArcoLinux iso :

ArcoLinuxD iso :

Forum :

Github for ArcoLinux :

Github for ArcoLinuxD :

Github for ArcoLinuxB :

Twitter :

Facebook Page :

Facebook Group :

Facebook Account :


In regards to all the articles and videos we have made – hundreds of youtube tutorials they all still apply but everywhere we have used archmerge references we will need to change them into arcolinux. Where we used “amd-” in the videos we will use “arco-” now.

Video’s and articles will clarify what I mean.

We keep numbering the videos but they will start with ArcoLinux now.

1st March 2018 we will release the last ArchMerge 6.5.1.

It is up to you to decide whether you install the last ArchMerge or wait for ArcoLinux.

If you want to upgrade your current ArchMerge 6.4.1 to 6.5.1 you can do so with this short tutorial.

Most of the tutorials of ArchMerge
still apply to ArcoLinux.

One other important reason for the rebranding to ArcoLinux is our mid-term and long-term vision as well.

We would like you to give the power and freedom to make your own iso on the basis of our isos on github.

We made our own acronym : BYOI or Build Your Own Iso.

This has always been my intention and the rebranding gives us a great opportunity to share our isos – ArcoLinux and ArcoLinuxD with you.

After a few articles and videos you will quickly understand that we are giving you full control over your own personal iso.

If you would like to add obs-studio or steam standard on the iso then that is the smallest of changes thinkable.

The future will bring the power and freedom to everyone to be able to build their own personal ArcoLinux iso or BYOI.

Phase 6 added in learning path


Our long term thinking is that in 1 or 2 years we share you how to build an iso from scratch. We need to gather more knowledge and experience since information how to build an Arch Linux iso is very scarce.

We start from the information on the Arch wiki and do a step by step tutorial series.

Arcolinux announcement

Topics of the video

1. Archmerge latest iso 6.5.1- 01/03/2018
2. Launch of new desktop –
3. ArchMerge rebranding – ArchMerge evolves into ArcoLinux
4. Websites and social media links change
5. What is our vision for short term, midterm and long term.
6. Thank you for the donations and we are proud to have our very first partner of ArcoLinux

We hope you appreciate our (past and future) efforts, our support and the general on going improvement every month and ask to donate to support our project, if you can afford it.