Anniversary of ArcoLinux – 1 year

First anniversary of ArcoLinux

on September 15th 2018

We have decided to go through with the following changes after working a year on ArcoLinux.
  1. Launch date has been changed to the 15th of every month. This is better tuned to the work planning of the team and the Arch Linux releases.
  2. Numbering of the iso will change and follow the calender format : arcolinux-v18.9.1-… is 2018 September 1st release. We believe it will be easier to follow this way.
  3. Numbering of the packages will follow a similar numbering like arcolinux-xfce-thunar-18.9-1…
Our Journey
In one year  we have created

  • ArcoLinux – 1 iso
  • ArcoLinuxD – 1 iso
  • ArcoLinuxB – 11 isos

Facts and figures

  • 13 isos to choose from
  • 11 desktops to choose from
  • 531 support videos for ArcoLinux
  • 55 support videos for Arch Linux
  • 13.000 downloads ArcoLinux
  • 5.000 downloads ArcoLinuxD
  • 15.000 downloads ArcoLinuxB (all desktops)
  • 61 ArcoLinux Packages
  • 3 websites to support you
  • 1 forum to help you
  • Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to share our best screenshots and share news
  • Discord to come together and chat

Makes you wonder where we will be
in two years time.

Distrowatch puts us on position 36.

We feel we get more attention.
We feel we are growing.
We feel the extra workload that comes with it.

We can use the extra hands.

Interested to join the crew as

  • moderator and share your expertise on the forum
  • moderator on Facebook or Google+
  • moderator and helper on Discord
  • development team
  • betatester

Just let us know.