We Develop,

we Document,

 we are Different,

we are Diverse

and you Decide the Desktop.

In phase 1 we use the iso of ArchMerge and all applications, themes, icons are all installed and tweaked out of the box. Your distro is set to go just like that.

In phase 2 we use the iso of ArchMergeD and our objective is to install everything ourselves. It will take longer. You will have to go look for the settings. You will need the Arch wiki to figure things out. But you will learn. We give you scripts that make this installation faster and easier but it will improve also your next installation. Build upon our work i.e. copy/paste our work and then start changing the scripts so you end up with a personalized system. You can learn how to use github and make backups there for a later installation.

We want you to know that 2 of 3 desktop environments of Phase 2 are ready for you.

You can install ArchMergeD-Xfce and ArchMergeD-i3.

Next on the list is ArchMergeD-Openbox.

25 articles on ArchMergeD
35 videos on Youtube

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