5 new medallion logos for ArcoLinux available

Thanks to the response of  Ivar Roode aka zver43 on Discord on one of my videos he jumped to the challenge to make a golden medallion for ArcoLinux.

Not only did he do a marvelous job with it, he created five variations.

  • gold
  • silver
  • bronze
  • ArcoLinux blue
  • white

We can use the medallion logos on our conkies and for official communications and …

We provide you with two conkies

  • one for Xfce – xfce compositor
  • one for Openbox – compton

In these conkies you can choose 3 picture sizes

  1. 542×524
  2. 250×250 – standard
  3. 180×180

Furthermore we provide you with the original .svg files themselves.
You can learn from his code and if you have a WHAT IF you can get creative.

Have fun.