24 isos


22 desktops to explore

May release is all about freedom

Freedom to boot up with Nvidia if you need it

Freedom to install any of our 22 desktops

Freedom to install any applications

Freedom to start with an XFCE4 with the best applications Linux has to offer – ArcoLinuxL

Freedom to start with an XFCE4 without any applications – ArcoLinuxS

Freedom to choose your login manager

We can now format our future system in Ext4, Btrfs, Jfs, Xfs, or Reiserfs.

We can now encrypt it.

We can use no swap, small swap, big swap, swap to file.

There are in total 40 choices.

Ready for a new desktop

FVWM3 has been released

There are 5 ways
to install any desktop


Option 1
Use the ArcoLinuxD iso
Choose the desktop
in Calamares


Option 2
Use the ArcoLinuxD iso
Install the desktop using our scripts
from github.com/arcolinuxd


Option 3
Use the ArcoLinuxB iso
download or build


Option 4
Install the desktop using
Arcolinux Tweak Tool


Option 5
Use any iso
use Calamares to install any desktop

ArcoLinux apps to watch out for


install all 21 desktops
learn, have fun and enjoy


install our ArcoLinux packages
on any Arch Linux based distro

Join us on Telegram (chit-chat)


on Discord (just about ArcoLinux)

In this article

you can find the

planning for the

coming releases